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Learn test prep skills with online courses and programs

Are you looking for test prep tools that can help you succeed? Explore online courses delivered through edX that can help ensure your academic readiness for important exams.

What is test prep?

A test prep course is an educational program designed to help learners prepare for various types of tests, such as standardized tests, entrance exams, language proficiency exams, professional certification exams, and more. Test prep courses aim to equip learners with the skills and strategies needed to perform well on the specific evaluation. They can include content review, practice tests, and targeted instruction to strengthen weak areas. Test prep courses provide valuable insights into the test format, question types, and time management techniques. The goal of a test prep course is to boost confidence, reduce anxiety, and enhance test-taking abilities, ultimately increasing the learner's chances of achieving higher scores.

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Test prep course curriculum

The contents of a test prep course will depend on the exam that it is tailored to. Any worthwhile text preparation course should include a comprehensive review of the relevant subject matter. However, learners are typically expected to already have knowledge of the subject before entering the course.  

To help learners thoroughly prepare for the specific test, test prep courses may also cover:

  • Test format and structure: An overview of the test's sections, question types, and time limits.

  • Test-taking strategies and techniques: Tips and strategies for approaching different question types, managing time effectively, and eliminating incorrect answer choices.

  • Essay writing (if applicable): Guidance on structuring and developing well-organized essays for tests with writing components.

  • Vocabulary and terminology: Building vocabulary and understanding specific terms relevant to the test.

edX offers online courses that allow learners to study a variety of topics. ‌Sign up for an accelerated boot camp or enroll in a full degree program and start working toward a bachelor's degree or (for more advanced learners) a master’s degree in a relevant subject. You can also explore executive education programs specifically designed for busy professionals.

Why take a test prep course?

Investing in test preparation can be highly advantageous for learners aiming to achieve their best performance. By taking a course specifically designed for preparation, you can benefit from a structured environment that ensures you are dedicating the appropriate amount of time to studying. 

In some classes, learners may also have the chance to take full-length practice tests simulating the actual exam to familiarize themselves with the test environment. These exams can allow you to identify and address your weaknesses, and enhance your problem-solving abilities. 

Do you need help preparing for an important exam? Explore the offerings made available through edX and discover how an online test prep class can benefit you. 

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