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learn theology

learn theology

What is Theology?

Theology is the study of the deities, religious practices, and spiritual traditions of religions around the world. It's the study of the divine as an academic discipline and is most associated with the major religions of the world. Whether you're studying the Bible and Christianity or the religious beliefs of other religions, Theological studies offer a glimpse into the philosophical traditions of the world and generations past. Theology was often called the Queen of the Sciences, but even in modern times when the definition of theology and sciences have changed, the subject matter is an important one.

Why Study Theology?

The philosophy of religion offers us valuable insights into our past experiences as well as the chance to examine our beliefs and cultural understandings. Religious studies are more than just a deep dive into our assumptions about the nature of God. It sheds light on our ideas about fellow humans and our place and responsibilities in the world. When you study theology, you begin to understand how our cultural understandings are formed. This knowledge connects you to other cultures and people who may have grown up with different experiences and helps foster a sense of community. offers courses in Theology in partnership with leading institutions and thinkers in the field to help get you started down this path.

Theology Courses and Certifications

SDGA offers a course on Ethics in Action, giving you the chance to explore what systematic theology has to say about right and wrong. Notre Dame allows you to explore the history and theology behind Jesus Christ by diving into the Old Testament and the New Testament accounts. Georgetown takes a look at the theology of the Divine Comedy, delving into what middle age philosophers and theologians believed about Christian Traditions with this famous work by Dante. You'll gain an understanding of Roman Catholic traditions concerning the knowledge of God through literature.

The Study of Theology

Theology may not be categorized as science in modern times, but the study of God in the context of history and culture is a valuable pursuit. It reveals what shapes our understanding of culture and the natural world and opens our eyes to different traditions. The history of religion is long, and the study of religion can connect and inspire. If you want to understand how philosophy was shaped in the past and continues to evolve now, the systemic study of Theology can help make those connections.