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Learning the ins and outs of trading can seem challenging. But online courses with edX can help teach professionals about a range of topics including basic trading terminology, how online trading systems work, stock prices, and live trading.

What is trading?

There are different types of people investing in the stock market. Traditional participants buy and hold stocks, with the hope of achieving long-term growth in their portfolio through market appreciation. This strategy is designed to build wealth, slowly but surely. 

Traders, on the other hand, are far more active participants. They try to outperform traditional buy-and-hold strategies by evaluating stocks daily and then buying or selling based on short-term movements within the stock market. These actions happen in real-time while the market is open. Traders have short-term investment objectives and comb through a variety of data trying to maximize profit from sales and minimize loss during market slowdowns.

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Trading course curriculum

Wall Street isn't forgiving. If you're serious about trading as a wealth building strategy or as a career, training can help you prepare. Online courses offered by edX partners can build the foundations for understanding market trends, evaluating stocks, and understanding the data that can give you a better chance for achieving your goals. 

Courses can cover a range of topics, including how markets worked before electronic trading, how to leverage trading technology and data, and how foreign exchange markets work differently from American markets. Depending on the length and depth of the course or program, learners may develop a deeper understanding of global finance as a whole with specific lessons on trading platforms, technical analysis, and stock trading across a variety of circumstances that are all designed to help you build a comprehensive trading strategy.

How to begin trading

If you've never traded on the stock market, getting started can be confusing. However anyone can create a trading strategy that serves their needs if they plan appropriately.

Day traders have the potential to lose a lot of money from lack of market trading data. Devoting time to substantial research is a critical step that traders cannot skip. From there, creating and simulating a trading strategy can help you fine-tune your approach before you launch on the open market. Traders can develop their own personal style, or tailor it to their clients’ needs, and continue to evaluate both data and strategy. Tracking and charting performance is often necessary for sustained success.

Build a career with trading experience and trading success strategies

Becoming a successful full-time trader requires the ability to strategically plan using data, research and best practices. Professionals in this field understand money management, trading rooms, free trading, price action, trading plans, and cash accounts. Arm yourself with information to build a successful career in this challenging but rewarding profession with edX.