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War and Conflict Courses

Learn about war and conflict with online classes today!

Why study war and conflict

War is never a simple occurrence. Armed conflicts, civil wars, and insurgencies are often the result of a multitude of compounding factors. Some of these may be hidden, lying under the surface in weight, while others may be overt. Studying what causes these conflicts can help us solve them and prevent new ones from happening in the future.

As international actors become involved, the causes of war can be very complex. Armed groups in internal conflicts often arise with perceived insults from those in power. Others happen when environmental factors such as climate change or border redistribution create conflict zones.

Learn about war and conflict with edX

edX offers students the opportunities to study both history and current events leading up to conflicts around the world. Whether the conflict is ongoing or ended some time ago, learners can explore the circumstances around it. Courses are specifically developed for edX's unique delivery framework and come from leading institutions from around the globe.

Learners can collaborate with other students during coursework, asking questions, showing work, and sharing information. Many courses are available for free for students seeking personal development but also offer an accredited track for official professional development or career training.

War and conflict courses and certifications

UQx offers a course on Global Media, War, and Technology. Students will learn how technology intersects with violent conflict and world politics. It offers perspectives in modern international relations and foreign policy, as well as perspectives on ideologies spurred by the spread of both information and misinformation.

Participants can also study specific conflicts such as the Civil War (ColumbiaX's The Civil War and Reconstruction), World War II (KULeuven's The Great War and Modern Philosophy), and even ancient conflicts like the Trojan War (ColgateX's The Greeks at War: Homer at Troy). edX covers a variety of 20th-century conflicts like the war in Iraq, conflicts in the Middle East, or ongoing insurgency in the Congo. 

Finding answers and exploring questions

Whether it's protecting non-combatants, examining military and state actors, or examining great powers from the past, edX's courses provide a unique perspective available to students right where they are. Students can explore military history, read about modern non-state groups like Al-Qaeda, or those fighting against unjust regimes. 

Carl von Clausewitz, a famous military theorist from history, once said, "War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means." edX provides opportunities for students to explore war and conflict from multiple perspectives and find an understanding.