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Water Courses

Learn about water and more with online courses and lessons on edX today!

learn water

learn water

Why study water

As a fundamental part of life, the study of water is a multidisciplinary subject that spans thousands of years. As humanity grows, viable drinking water becomes a priority as well as ensuring water supply across an increasingly complex set of borders. Climate change has an impact on our water resources, and countries cite water quality as a building block to the development of civilization.

Studying and caring for our water resources is vital, from the United States to countries around the world. Big cities like New York brace for impact on clean water as populations grow, and a changing landscape makes water sources a changeable thing.

Even more so, understanding how the physical properties of water change, using liquid water as a testament to the search for life outside our own planet, even the parts of water—hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms—the study of water is the study of humanity.

Water courses and certifications

edX offers a comprehensive variety of courses concerning water. Each one is developed in partnership with leading institutions and designed for students to take from anywhere in the world. Courses happen on student's own schedule and are free to take or eligible for official credit for affordable fees.

You could take QueensX's course, Water on Earth: An Introduction, for a comprehensive look at the flow of water as it covers the earth. You'll understand the basic flow of water from evaporation to stormwater to entire water systems.

Other courses include SDGAcademy's Global Water Crisis courses outlines how climate change and conflict have affected safe water and international water usage. You'll identify issues with supplying safe water for everyone. You'll study real-world cases of water governance and examine transboundary cooperation.

You can also take part in programs like Delft's X-series on Water Management. It will teach you to understand the concept of water utility and how to plan for the natural ebbs and flows of the world's water. You'll also learn ways in which more significant global issues, such as conflict or climate change, affect water distribution and quality.

edX also has courses on the basic science of life, the cycles of water, and even the search for life on other planets. No matter which course you take, you'll receive quality instruction that addresses all your needs and interests.

Water—the key to life

Taking courses with edX and its partners can open your eyes to so much about our world. Whether you're interested in the science behind water—surface tension, the evaporation cycle, solid states versus liquid states, and water vapor—or you lean political (Where do water bodies fall in disputed territories?), edX can lead the way.

Follow your interest in the ice caps. Explore the methods of bottled water. Build an understanding of the chemistry of water molecules. edX is here to provide a path.