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Workplace Wellness Courses

Take online workplace wellness courses from top universities and institutions on edX today!

What is workplace wellness?

Workplace wellness is when a company creates policies and healthcare initiatives designed to impact the wellbeing of its employees during work hours. These policies help improve morale and reduce absenteeism by reducing burnout and promoting physical and mental health. 

For example, a company might offer incentives for employees who participate in physical activities during their lunch hour or breaks, helping reduce health risks associated with sitting for long periods. Another example would be if a company supports healthy eating by providing plenty of water, healthy snacks, and healthy options in the cafeteria.

When employers encourage and reward healthy behaviors, they take steps to build a partnership with employees in stress management and wellness activities. By creating a workplace culture supporting positive health outcomes, companies can help create positive advances in overall public health outcomes.

Learn about workplace wellness

edX offers courses that can instruct employers on how to develop healthy workplace initiatives and options for employees who want to learn more about workplace wellness. Courses are developed and presented by leading institutions from around the globe, and students study online with like-minded peers.

Asynchronous courses provide students with plenty of flexibility. Courses remain available for free for students who want to explore casually, but edX also offers official credit tracks for a fee. The platform includes single courses, certificates, and even some full degrees, with more added regularly.

Workplace Wellness Courses and Certificates

Berkeley's professional certificate, The Science of Happiness at Work, takes a deep dive into the health and wellbeing of team members and employees. In this self-paced program, students can learn what research shows about maintaining workplace happiness, and organizations can learn how to support employees with worksite wellness programs.

Another choice--Health, Safety, and Wellness in Mining from The University of Queensland--offers the opportunity to explore workplace wellness within a real industry. The course outlines wellness plans for those working in the complicated conditions of the mines, identifies health risks, and considers policies for workplace health promotion.

Exploring workplace wellness programs with edX

Wellness benefits more than personal lives. Companies can build a workplace culture that identifies health issues associated with the work environment. Wellness initiatives keep employees safe and happy and offer companies better relationships with their workers. Employee engagement is a vital component of employee wellness programs, more so than just healthy eating or exercise; companies can reduce healthcare costs, improve employee health, and improve their company's overall health conditions no matter the industry.

It's time to find out how these health behaviors can reduce chronic disease, improve employees' mental health, and support team members wherever they are. edX courses offer guidance and research into concepts of workplace wellness and are the perfect place to start.