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Why earn a master’s in data analytics online?

Acquire an in-demand skill set

Learn to extract insights from datasets to support data-driven organizations.

Engage in specialized work with real-world applications

Interpret datasets and compose analyses for your professional portfolio.

Build a worldwide network of data professionals

Cultivate relationships with professional colleagues in the data field.

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What is a data analytics master’s degree? 

An online data analytics master’s degree prepares learners with both the knowledge and technical capabilities needed to collect, process, analyze, and interpret large and complex datasets to arrive at valuable insights. These insights can go on to inform and support decision-making processes.

Those interested in evaluating data and conveying key findings to leadership across industries will find an online data analytics master’s program an intriguing, and potentially lucrative, pursuit.

Admission requirements for an online master’s in data analytics

The general admission requirements for an online data analytics master’s program will vary within each program, but may include a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

When accepting applicants, colleges will review your completed coursework and GPA using your official transcripts to determine adequate preparation for the program. Generally, programs will have a minimum GPA requirement for admission in addition to the admission requirements for the college at large. Colleges may also request a résumé to consider any relevant work experience related to the program for which you are applying. Depending on the school and program, applicants may have to submit letters of recommendation and proof of completion for any prerequisite courses.

To learn about the specific requirements for different master’s programs, request information from the universities in which you are interested, or visit their admissions pages to learn more.

How to apply

Visit each program’s online master’s degree in data analytics page to explore specific application instructions.

Online MS in data analytics curriculum

During an online master’s in data analytics, learners will practice and develop the skills needed to collect, interpret, and present complex data. Coursework will focus on honing these skills for use in evidence-based decision making. To cultivate these skill sets, learners will complete a variety of topics-based classes designed to produce high-level data analytics professionals.

Typical topics covered in online MS in data analytics programs include:

  • Predictive analytics

  • Data management

  • Data visualization and presentation

  • Data modeling

It may benefit learners to look into a data analytics boot camp to prepare for an online MS in data analytics, if any of these topics feel intimidating.

The online master’s degree in data analytics also emphasizes relevant soft skills, such as communication and collaboration, to provide learners with a robust set of tools to work across industries. Not only will these skills set up graduates for a career in data analytics, they will also help facilitate the interpersonal interactions that come with any workplace.

Learning data analysis or learning business intelligence processes may make more sense for someone seeking a more operations-focused role, with data analysis more focused on gaining insights from raw data than the application of those insights to business. However, you’ll want to learn business analytics processes and consider an online masters in business analytics if you wish to enter a more strategy-focused role. Learning data science, generally, will cover a broad view of data topics and analytics processes but will lack the niche specialization of learning data analysis. If you are more interested in broadening your view of various data topics and analytics processes than a niche specialization, try exploring an online master’s in data science or requesting more information. 

Explore careers in data analytics

Regardless of industry, organizations have begun to prioritize streamlining operations based on insights gained from data. In order to interpret the raw data collected by an organization, a data professional must examine the information and translate its valuable insights into actionable items for the organization to iterate upon.

As such, graduates from online master’s in data analytics programs go on to work in diverse industries like:

  • Business Intelligence

  • IT

  • Healthcare

  • Entertainment

  • Fashion

  • Nonprofit

  • Retail

  • Finance

Roles in these industries include computer and information systems managers, database administrators, quality assurance analysts, and more. The versatility of this degree allows you to work in various domains using data analysis to drive decision making and streamlining operations. Experienced data analysts may even have opportunities to work as independent consultants or freelancers, offering their expertise to multiple clients or organizations.

Data analyst salary

Because of the growth in data-driven organizations across industries, an online master’s degree in data analytics salary remains competitive in the evolving market, but the amount depends on the field in which the person works and their accrued experience. Salaries can vary significantly based on the cost of living in your particular region. Data analysts working in major tech hubs or metropolitan areas might earn higher salaries compared to those in smaller towns or more rural regions.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, data science fields, of which careers in data analytics is a subset, have a median annual wage of USD100,910. The highest 10% of data scientists earn more than USD167,040.Footnote 1

Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics listed the median annual wage in 2021 for computer and information systems managers as USD159,010.Footnote 2

Career outlook for data analysts

The combination of data's increasing importance in decision making, the growth of digital technology, and the need for professionals who can extract insights from data forecasts a promising outlook for careers in data analytics. Because of competitiveness, continuous learning and skill development will help job seekers to remain relevant and advance in the field.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts careers in data science fields, which includes careers in data analytics, will grow by 36% between 2021 and 2031, much faster than average.Footnote 1

For roles like computer and information systems managers, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth of 16% will occur from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations.Footnote 2

Frequently asked questions

Because most industries can benefit from data-driven decision making and analysis, careers in data analytics span job sectors normally not associated with computer science, like entertainment or fashion.

Depending on your career goals and learning aspirations, an online data analytics master’s can provide a fulfilling and potentially lucrative career path.

Some online MS in data analytics programs take around 24 months to complete while attending part time. Completion time will vary, so be sure to check with the program you are interested in applying to.

At some institutions, learners specialize in data analytics within a MS data science program while at others the online master’s degree in data analytics is its own independent program. Of course, learners have the option to complete the broader MS in data science degree without focusing on data analytics. The correct path for you depends on your career goals and aspirations.

A business intelligence degree program focuses on reporting and visualization of historical and current data for better short-term business operations, organizational performance, and competitiveness in the market. Meanwhile, an online master’s degree in data analytics emphasizes the extraction of insights from complex datasets and application of analytical techniques to solve real-world problems.

Online MS in data analytics programs vary in cost but some programs can start around USD24,000 for the entire program. Check each individual online master’s in data analytics program page for precise figures.

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