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C# Courses

Take online courses in C# (C Sharp) programming from Microsoft. C# courses are available to try for free. Learn C# programming today.

learn c sharp

learn c sharp

What is C# (C Sharp)?

C# is a computer multi-paradigm programming language that is a hybrid of C and C++. This programming language was developed around 2000 by Microsoft within its .NET initiative. The C# code language is prevalent on the Microsoft Platform but can run on Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

Online Courses in C# (C Sharp) - C# Certification

Microsoft offers C# courses and C# tutorials for learners to take on edX at their own pace. In the introductory course, you will learn about C# syntax, C# fundamentals, iteration in C#, and more. In the algorithms and data structures course, you will expand upon your working knowledge of C# basics. The Object-Oriented Programming course will dive into more profound concepts of C#.

In the introductory course, you will learn about the C# language and world of .NET programming. This C# programming class does not have any prerequisites and is for beginners. The beauty of this C# programming course is that it sets you up for future programming language opportunities within computer science like java.

The algorithms and data structures will expand upon your working knowledge of C# programming. This course will provide you with a solid foundation in the use of data structures and algorithms using the C# language. You will also learn how to implement your algorithms using C#.

The Object-Oriented Programming course will expand upon your working knowledge of c sharp and lambda expressions. In this course, you will learn about core object-oriented programming concepts, how to use classes and objects in a C# data types application, and grasp of memory and resource management in C sharp and the .NET Framework. You will build a working knowledge of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

The other courses we have cover a wide range of topics. The topics that you will learn about include common language runtime (CLR), SQL, JavaScript, async, open source concepts, entity frameworks, net frameworks, extension methods, net core, net applications, visual studio, and more. These additional source code courses will help learners understand the role of C#, how it works with programs like Windows, and to implement its features into programming tasks.

What Jobs Use C Sharp?

Having skills as a C# developer can open up the door to many industries and jobs. Common fields and positions that use the source code C# programming language include the gaming industry, financial institutions, database engineers, national security agencies, and more. Being a C# Programmer with proficient C programming language skills can open up the door to many different career paths! Get your C# certification today.