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Learn DOM scripting with online courses

Using Direct Object Model (DOM) manipulation, you can create responsive pages with animations, error messages, or clickable buttons. Learn DOM scripting with online courses delivered through edX.

What is DOM scripting?

DOM is short for Document Object Model, a programming interface used to manipulate HTML and XML documents, such as a web page. It is an API to help developers access and modify DOM trees, which is the structure for a document’s contents. The tree of nodes is a building block of modern, interactive websites that lets you add, delete, or alter page content, styling, and user action responses via tags. 

For example, users will be able to click a button to trigger an action, view a drop-down menu, increase or decrease window size, input text, or receive error messages. Programmers, web developers, and engineers can dynamically update content on web pages without having to reload the page or rewrite code, which creates smoother and faster response times. 

Whether you use Angular, React, Vue, or any other framework to create your web application, the DOM is what you’ll use behind the scenes to create an interactive experience.Footnote 1

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Document Object Model tutorial curriculum 

Often, a DOM course will be labeled “Intro to JavaScript,” “CSS Fundamentals,” or something similar. It could cover such concepts as:

  • What is DOM in JavaScript or CSS?

  • How does DOM differ from HTML markup?

  • How does DOM differ from JavaScript?

  • How can you make interactive websites through the DOM API?

  • Which tools let you access the DOM?

In more advanced courses, learners can take their DOM knowledge to the next level and learn:

  • How to add and remove elements to manipulate the DOM

  • How to use DOM and JavaScript to respond to specific events

  • How to measure the speed of your DOM and create a better user web experience

Explore jobs that use DOM scripting

Jobs that use DOM scripting include:

  • Full stack developer: Oversee all aspects of a website build, which may include the use of DOM APIs to optimize the user experience (UX).  

  • Front-end developer: Write code and inject JavaScript code for a tool using DOM manipulations, rather than altering the source code.Footnote 2

  • Software programmer: Write, modify, and test code. They might use DOM scripting to build website functionality and interactivity.Footnote 3

Tech jobs can be highly specialized, so you may see tool-specific roles, such as: React JavaScript developer, Angular developer, or Java natural language programming (NLP) developer. All of these functional positions require intimate knowledge of DOM scripting.

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How to use DOM scripting as a programmer 

Developers can use the DOM to achieve a variety of front-end tasks. For instance, you might use DOM scripting to:Footnote 4

  • Add or remove content to declutter pages.

  • Add or remove HTML elements on a page to create an interactive user experience.

  • Add JavaScript event handlers to let users open, close, or resize windows and input text.

  • Animate or transform elements with special effects.

  • Apply CSS styling to on-page elements to change a color scheme or design layout.

  • Create custom user interface elements like menus or drop-down boxes.

  • Create dynamic self-updating forms or comment boxes.

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