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Genetics Courses

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Take free online genetics courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn genetics and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

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What is Genetics?

Genetics is the study of DNA, genes and heredity. It includes the study of gene development, structure and function in plants, animals and humans as well as in bacteria with a focus on how the characteristics of a species are passed from one generation to the next.

Online Genetics Courses and Programs

Learn about genetics online from the top universities and institutions around the world. MIT offers an introductory genetics course that also covers the basics of biochemistry, molecular biology, recombinant DNA, genomics and traditional medicine. Introduction to Biology – The Secret of Life, is a free online course that teaches students about cells, genome analysis and how to apply the principles of modern biology. Hosted by Eric Lander, one of the leaders of the Human Genome Project, the course is self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.

Learn about DNA in a 6-week, self-paced course from Rice University. DNA: Biology’s Genetic Code, explores the structure, packaging, replication and manipulation of DNA through a series of research articles, case studies, video lectures and more.

Additional courses are available from Harvard, the University of British Columbia, Georgetown and other schools. Learn how genes are inherited and how they impact issues for individuals and for society. Understand how genes can form new combinations as they pass to the next generation as well as how to predict certain genetic outcomes. Learn about genetic disorders, genetic mutation and how scientists can harness to technology to predict and help avoid illness in humans.