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International Project Management Courses

Learn International Project Management with Online Courses and Lessons on edX!

learn international project management

learn international project management

What is International Project Management?

As the internet allows companies to expand beyond borders more easily, cultural differences between company branches or even between a company and its customers can derail a project. An international project manager must be ready to address these issues with a range of skills. Project structures that happen internationally require a specific understanding of cultural differences and cultural norms for all locations involved. International Project Management helps a company develop and maintain a competitive edge in a brand new, international environment, and mitigates the risks involved in expanding beyond the domestic market.

Learn about International Project Management

edX offers courses designed with leaders in the field of Project Management and delivers them to students from around the world and on their own time. The classes are free but offer the opportunity for official credit for affordable fees. Learn with leading institutions and jumpstart your interest or your career.

International Project Management Courses and Programs

RIT offers a micro-masters in Project Management that addresses the specific needs of International Project Managers in one course. You'll gain a foundational understanding of the problem solving and soft skills needed to handle any project with the cultural awareness to apply to your company's international projects. Delft offers a course specifically for dealing with complexity in Project Management, an avenue of international business that must be addressed. You'll understand what it takes to deliver project success when there are many moving parts. With each project management course, you'll gain skills you need to attack issues head-on and build projects that succeed. You can learn about each aspect of project management or study the entire picture together.

Explore a Career in International Project Management

Different cultures require sensitivity and understanding. Companies must consider the cultural implications of various projects, including comprehensive plans that stretch across borders. Team members must be on board and fully briefed, requiring an expert with the skills needed to see the project through. The Project Management Institute has certifications designed for these complex endeavors, and edX could help you gain the skills you need to move forward with a career in International Project Management. Your expertise as a program manager can help companies build success across time zones and through significant cultural differences. Allow edX and trusted partners to provide the skills you need to thrive. Explore a career in this growing field today and complete your training on your own schedule. It's time to make a difference.