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Businesses or individuals preparing to make important financial decisions often turn to investment bankers for consultation. Learn investment banking skills with online courses delivered through edX.

What is investment banking?

Investment banking is a specific financial branch that engages in advisory services for individuals or organizations. Unlike retail or commercial banks, investment banks do not take deposits. Rather, they act as a liaison for transactions such as issuing securities, mergers and acquisitions, raising financial capital, underwriting the sale of shares to internal and external investors, and providing FICC services.

Depending on whether their client is on the buy or sell side of investment, these bankers may provide advice, investment services, or become involved in investment operations. Advisory services are kept separate from the activities of retail and commercial banking through regulations set in place by the Glass-Steagall sections of the 1933 Banking Act.

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Investment banking courses and curriculum

Investment banking comprises a variety of financial disciplines. Courses are built on math fundamentals and typically cover wealth management, risk management, strategies for raising capital, and general financial fluency. Additional topics may include emerging markets, developing economies, capital markets, initial public offerings, bonds and equities, and credit derivatives. Understanding each of these topics separately will give you a comprehensive knowledge base that can help build a career as an investment banker.

Careers in investment banking

There are investment banking careers with large institutions like Morgan Stanley or Bank of America’s investment wing, or an independent advisory service. As long as investments can be made and companies can be acquired, investment banking is a valuable service for businesses and individuals alike. Explore how online investment banking can help you work toward your personal and professional goals. Begin your learning journey with edX today.