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Learn quantum physics and mechanics

Explore the molecular realm and understand the behavior of particles that makeup nature. Learn quantum physics and mechanics with online courses delivered through edX.

What is quantum physics and mechanics?

Quantum physics is physics at a microscopic scale. Quantum mechanics is the theory that describes matter and energy at atomic and subatomic levels where classical physics does not always apply due to wave-particle duality and the uncertainty principle. Applications of quantum physics include semiconductors used for computer functions in cars or in MRI machines used at medical facilities.

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How to learn quantum physics and mechanics online

Learners new to the world of quantum physics can enroll in introductory online courses from universities and institutions worldwide. A basic overview course can require little mathematical computation while covering the fundamentals of probability theory, and more. Relevant topics that may be covered in classes could include:

  • Conceptual ideas associated with spin and light

  • Formal methods to work with operators

  • Quantum problems

  • Applications to sensors

Advanced courses can take deeper dives into subjects, such as molecular structures and nanoscience.

Careers in quantum physics and mechanics

Quantum physics can provide a rewarding career to individuals who want to help develop and improve the potential of technology to do good. Explore how learning quantum physics can be applied to your life with courses delivered through edX and begin your educational journey today.