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An unforeseen event that catches a company off guard can have significant financial consequences. A risk manager helps organizations predict and prepare for these events. Learn risk management with online courses delivered through edX.

What is risk management?

Risk management is the process of minimizing threats that may compromise the goals of an organization. Threats can come from many areas and can take the form of financial issues, cyber attacks, legal issues, natural disasters, competitors, human resource problems, and more. A risk manager must identify, assess, and determine how best to mitigate each of these threats through a careful and well-developed risk management process.

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Risk management course curriculum

Risks to a business or organization can come in many forms. The key is to know what to look for to proactively identify and anticipate the events or actions that can lead to potential threats. One place to start learning about this field is with an introductory course in risk analysis and management that teaches you how to distinguish between different types of risk and develop a risk management plan. Learn fundamental enterprise risk management concepts and techniques as they apply to financial and business management. Learners also have the option to complete a professional certificate in risk management.

Common risks that businesses face are threats to the successful completion of projects. A self-paced project risk assessment course is a good place to learn how to address these risks. Some courses teach learners how to use statistics to measure different components of project risk and to compare the value of different projects after adjusting for differences in their risks.

Additional programs and courses available could cover topics including financial risk management, cybersecurity risk management, credit risk management, and legal risk management.

Careers in risk management

No organization is completely immune to risk. The presence of financial, business, cyber, and other risks mean that companies may need to invest in employees with the specific skills to mitigate risk. Some examples of job titles for professionals in risk management include: 

  • Risk analyst

  • IT risk manager

  • Risk modeler

  • Insurance analyst

  • Risk management consultant

Other careers which require skills in risk management include the areas of risk identification, risk assessment, risk control, and risk mitigation.

How to become a risk manager

Earn a professional certificate in risk management online and get started on a path to a career in this field. Many of the online courses in risk management on edX are self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.

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