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Learn supply chain design

Organizations in many different industries rely on a supply chain in some capacity. You can prepare for a career in supply chain design with online courses delivered through edX.

What is supply chain design?

Before a product reaches the market, it first travels through the supply chain. This involves the coordination of stakeholders, assets, time, and costs. Effective supply chain design can ensure that products move through each phase on time and according to plan. 

A reliable supply chain strategy prevents downtime and can help forecast an organization’s future success. During development, those in charge of supply chain design must consider aspects such as budgetary constraints, legal requirements, and sustainability. Decision-making carries far-reaching implications, so additional considerations around raw materials, the product life cycle, population growth, and a company’s future must also be addressed.

Supply chain design and management cannot be an afterthought, as it is a vital part of a company’s overall performance. With entire departments typically dedicated to this type of network design, there are a variety of entry points for those interested in a supply chain career.

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Supply chain design courses and curriculum

Supply chain planning courses may cover how to build a supply chain model, manage supply chain disruptions, and monitor an offering from the first iteration to the finished product. In an introductory course, learners could:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of supply chain components.

  • Learn how to turn supply chain into a competitive advantage.

  • Examine case studies.

Additional specialized courses may also teach sustainable development principles for the supply chain design process.

Careers in supply chain design

As companies create new products, supply chain management must be part of the business strategy. Problem-solving, creative thinking, and an understanding of local, national, and international opportunities and barriers can make or break supply chain success. With the proper training, you can have a hand in building solutions that help organizations connect with their customers. Some potential careers include:

  • Supply chain manager

  • Supply chain risk management analyst

  • Production planner

  • Materials manager

Explore career opportunities in supply chain design and begin your learning journey today with edX.

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