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As concern over global climate change mounts, people are demanding that organizations engage in sustainable practices. Online sustainability courses can help professionals learn about topics such as renewable energy and sustainable development.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability refers to the ability to provide for the needs of the current and future human population without the destruction or depletion of resources and the environment. Sustainable practices are designed to ensure that future populations exist at the same or better living conditions as current populations. Many argue that a transition to sustainable standards of food and energy production, among other things, is necessary for the Earth to remain suitable for future generations.

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Sustainability course curriculum

With online classes from edX’s partner universities and institutions, you can learn about the fundamentals of environmental sustainability in an engaging, effective, and flexible online learning format. Learners have the opportunity to take courses as part of larger programs on topics like business or global development. A larger global development program may cover the science behind sustainable development, the challenges of environmental, economic, and social sustainability, and the strategies that governments are taking to achieve sustainable development goals.

But learners also have the option of taking individual courses on specialized topics like sustainable city planning or sustainable food production. An online course on sustainable food production can cover basics of crop development, core challenges of global food production, and the future of agriculture. 

You can choose which course and format works best for you based on your interest in specific topics and learning or career goals.

Jobs in sustainability

Whether you’re advocating for policies that promote sustainability, helping companies implement sustainable practices or designing sustainable products and processes, there are many career paths for people who want to work in this field. Get started learning about how you can be a part of the transition to a sustainable world with courses on sustainable design, sustainable energy and more.

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