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Learn waste management with online courses and programs

Whether disposing of medical waste or waste in a trash bin, waste management is an important need for many different industries and occupations. Learn about waste management practices and technology with online courses and programs delivered through edX.

What is waste management? 

Waste management, sometimes called waste disposal, is the process of handling waste from the moment someone creates it to its final destination. From households and restaurants to office buildings and hospitals, waste is constantly being produced. Disposal services must manage different types of waste safely and effectively.

Growing urban areas and nonbiodegradable products are among the challenges for management facilities, driving a need to understand how waste goes from its original location to its final disposal site. Waste management jobs are critical for communities. Part of the discipline includes learning how to reduce waste, while specialty areas in the field can include solid waste management and wastewater treatment.

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Online waste management courses

Whether they are simply interested in the topic or they plan to begin a career in the field, learners can study waste disposal and management with online courses offered through edX. From tutorials to advanced courses, there are a variety of educational opportunities available that can fit different learners’ needs, depending on their desired time commitment and schedule. edX makes it easy to explore all available training and certificate options.

Jobs in waste management

As long as waste is produced, it needs to be managed. Hazardous waste, biomedical waste, and agricultural waste are just some of the types of waste that need to be handled in a specific manner. And recycling and sustainability movements continue to transform the industry.

To work in waste management, professionals need critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills that they can refine with training courses and experience. Professionals in this field can find themselves managing recycling centers, yard waste collection, or large cleanup operations to help the environment.

Careers in waste management

Waste management professionals have the skills to make a positive impact on their communities. Whether they are working for curbside collection services, sewage treatment plants, or large manufacturing companies, their knowledge and skills can make the environment safer for everyone.