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Naomi Coquillon

About Me

Naomi Coquillon, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

Naomi is the Manager of Youth and Teacher Programs at Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Through the A. James Clark Excellence in History Teaching Program and the Smithsonian's History Explorer website team, Naomi designs and delivers workshops for K-12 teachers nationwide, develops online materials for K-12 classrooms, and conducts online outreach to educators. Naomi leads the museum's annual National Youth Summit, which brings together middle and high school students with scholars, teachers, policy experts and activists, in a national conversation about events in America's past that have relevance to the nation's present and future. Naomi holds Masters degrees in history from the University of Maryland, College Park and in museum education from Bank Street College of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Literature from Harvard College. Prior to joining the education department at the National Museum of American History, Naomi was a classroom teacher and served as the Director for Educational Resources at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore.

Courses and Programs taught by Naomi Coquillon