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Robert Way

PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography at University of Ottawa, Canada

About Me

Robert Way holds a Master of Science in Physical Geography and a Bachelors of Arts in Geography with a minor in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis. He is currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of Ottawa, Canada studying climate change impacts on permafrost in northeastern Canada. Coming from an Inuit background and growing up in subarctic Labrador has given Robert a unique perspective on recent climate change in northern environments. Robert has visited many field locations in the Polar Regions including the Antarctic Peninsula, Iceland, Norway, Patagonia, Svalbard and the Torngat Mountains (northern Labrador). In Denial101x, Robert will discuss changes to the terrestrial cryosphere and will highlight recent advances in the field of paleoclimatology. Robert has published various peer-reviewed journal articles and reports on various topics including climate variability, glaciology, paleoclimatology, and permafrost.

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