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Learn DevSecOps with online courses and programs

DevSecOps combines DevOps (software development and IT operations) and SecOps (security and operations) to maximize an organization’s operations and security. Learn DevSecOps with online courses delivered through edX.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps, or development, security, and operations, brings together the two concepts of DevOps and SecOps. DevOps is a set of practices and processes for speeding up development life cycles and enabling continuous software delivery.Footnote 1 SecOps closes the gaps that often separate security and IT operations teams, streamlining security efforts, minimizing redundancies, and making the entire organization’s IT infrastructure more secure.Footnote 2

DevSecOps is a process for continually developing, deploying, and refining highly secure client software that resembles the Agile development methodology by being less rigid and more iterative than older methodologies.Footnote 3 Powerfully merging disciplines, DevSecOps empowers anyone working on a project to be more collaborative by increasing visibility of files, code, project timelines and progress, and deliverables. 

As the world becomes more digitized and competitive, organizational security and efficiency are crucial. This makes DevSecOps a good process fit for many industries, including:

  • Automotive: reduces development times while meeting compliance standards like MISRA and AUTOSAR.

  • Healthcare: preserves patient privacy and security per regulations like HIPAA.

  • Commerce: addresses financial risks due to web application security issues while maintaining data privacy and security compliance. 

  • Technology: enhances software with more secure code that’s shareable throughout the organization.Footnote 4

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DevSecOps course curriculum

DevSecOps classes typically explore DevOps and SecOps topics such as:

  • Software development fundamentals, including traditional software design, prototyping, testing, and deployment.

  • Programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, C++, and C# that can be used for developing programs that adhere to DevOps protocols.Footnote 5

  • Continuous integration (CI) and its role in delivering software via DevOps procedures.

  • Continuous deployment and continuous delivery (CD) to DevOps pipelines.

  • Cryptography, for its importance to the development of more secure SecOps software.

Studying these topics can help you understand the fundamentals of both DevOps and SecOps, and can help prepare you for many DevSecOps jobs. edX offers a variety of learning options to help new and experienced developers learn valuable DevSecOps, computer science, and data science skills that can benefit careers. From boot camps to self-guided courses, choose the offering that suits your schedule and career goals.

Explore DevSecOps jobs

Understanding DevSecOps concepts can be an asset for many roles. Some DevSecOps jobs to consider include:

  • DevOps engineer: These professionals develop and deploy software that adheres to DevOps principles and practices.Footnote 6

  • Azure DevOps engineer: These are DevOps engineers who focus on the Azure DevOps platform. Azure DevOps is a Microsoft offering.

  • Information security analyst: These experts craft and enact security plans to defend their organization against cyberattacks. DevSecOps training focuses on the security of customer information and company data, so it’s a great way to prepare for this role.Footnote 7

  • Cloud computing engineer: Cloud computing engineers leverage DevSecOps fundamentals to develop software that lives on the cloud and is more secure against remote attacks.Footnote 8

Learning DevSecOps on its own doesn’t mean you have all the necessary skills for the DevSecOps jobs listed above. Some employers may require candidates to have other technical skills which can be acquired through a boot camp or a bachelor's degree or master’s degree.

How to learn DevSecOps online

When learning DevSecOps with DevSecOps courses or a DevSecOps tutorial, you can be introduced to a number of topics vital for real-world DevSecOps efforts. These can include:

  • Programming languages. Languages like Java and Python are the tools that software engineers use to build software, so studying them can be an excellent starting point for those looking to learn DevSecOps online.

  • Software design. This skill empowers programmers and project leaders to architect their project’s design and flow before writing any code. DevSecOps tutorials may advise you to learn software design to help you think more holistically about your projects.

  • Firewalls. Firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic and are a fundamental security protocol throughout many industries.Footnote 9 DevSecOps classes can teach you about a number of security measures today’s organizations use, including firewalls.

  • Agile development. Agile is a fast-paced software design methodology that involves continually delivering new software versions to customers based on prior feedback. It shares many core tenets with DevSecOps protocols and processes.

  • Software as a service. This is a subscription model for delivering software and software updates to customers. DevSecOps products are often offered with this model via the cloud.

If you’re ready to pursue a job within this space, explore the range of educational opportunities offered through edX. Prepare to enter the field with online bachelor of data science and computer science programs or an online data science master’s program. Or learn specialized skills with a coding boot camp, a data analytics boot camp, or cybersecurity boot camp

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