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Explore how to derive meaningful insights from a company’s financial records. Enroll in a financial analysis course and learn how to make smarter business decisions with analytical tools.

What is financial analysis?

Through financial analysis, a company is able to transform financial data into meaningful insights that can illuminate problems or opportunities related to the organization’s performance. Financial analysts examine how the movement of money affects business operations and use that data to develop effective growth strategies. They may examine individual assets such as stocks, bonds, or other investments and rely on historical data to make projections about the future.

The goal of a financial analyst is to help a business save money and increase profits. While these professionals are highly skilled in sorting through data and making sense of the information, they must also be able to effectively communicate their findings to other stakeholders.

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Financial analysis course curriculum

Introductory courses in financial accounting and analysis can provide a foundational knowledge about topics such as how to read financial reports, how to conduct trend analysis, and how to use different tools to predict future performance. A course in financial decision-making can benefit those who are interested in pursuing leadership roles in a company. Learners may study different companies’ financial statements and analyze the information to determine a path for strategic growth. Other courses may focus on financial market analysis, giving learners a chance to examine the cost of goods and current liabilities, and conduct horizontal and vertical analyses.

While these courses may rely heavily on math, they will also enhance learners’ communication skills, critical thinking capabilities, awareness of current events, and knowledge of the financial sector.

Careers in financial analysis

A thorough understanding of financial statement analysis can support impactful decision-making. Financial analysts work for banks, insurance companies, news agencies, and more. People who study financial analysis can also branch out and pursue related roles like budget analyst, finance manager, or insurance underwriter.  Build your financial analysis skills with online courses offered by edX and partner institutions. Start your learning journey today.