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Learn geology

Explore the composition or the Earth and understand the processes that have led to its major natural formations. Learn geology with online courses delivered through edX.

What is geology?

Geology is a branch of science that studies the physical structure, properties, and internal composition of the Earth. This includes rocks, minerals, physical geology, climate change, sediments, plate tectonics, and more. Major sub-disciplines include economic geology, environmental geology, engineering geology, structural geology, petrology, and mineralogy.

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Geology course curriculum

Begin learning geology today with self-paced courses offered through edX, designed for learners at every level. An introductory course in earth systems and geology may teach learners about a variety of topics, such as:

  • Geologic maps 

  • Water resources

  • Geologic structures

  • Earth materials 

  • Tectonic settings

  • The hydrologic cycle

  • Solar systems

However, more advanced learners can choose to pursue specialized coursework that may offer a certificate upon completion. Take a deep dive into the interior of the Earth, and learn about how mountains and sediments form, as well as the basics of plate tectonics; or study the formation of hydrocarbon fuels and learn about oil exploration with coursework on petroleum geology. Explore all that edX can offer learners studying in this field.

Careers in geology

There are many different career paths for professionals who study geology. Environmental planners are useful for governments, private companies, and nonprofits. For example, a forester can manage the land quality of national parks for the federal government. Alternatively, a sustainability engineer can monitor greenhouse gas emissions and costs for a construction company. Geology experts can help monitor well sites, oversee drilling operations, and evaluate data. Explore how online courses in geology can advance your career and begin your learning journey today with edX. 

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