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Take jQuery online courses and advance your career in web development. Learn more about this JavaScript library and how it can speed up your development process.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library designed to help developers do more with less. What may require many lines of code in JavaScript takes a simple operation with the jQuery framework. 

jQuery simplifies DOM manipulation, traversals, and AJAX calls. It also handles CSS manipulation, HTML event handling, and utilities, plus animations and effects. It's an open-source option for cutting down on some of the more complex operations within JavaScript. Learning jQuery allows you to create dynamic web pages and web applications through a modular approach.

The framework is one of the most popular plugins for JavaScript and is used by tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM. You can get started on your jQuery journey by taking a jQuery online tutorial or enrolling in a more in-depth jQuery training course, where you can gain the foundational knowledge needed to earn a jQuery certification.Footnote 1

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jQuery curriculum

Learning jQuery can allow you to build and execute web applications and pages with less time-intensive work than traditional JavaScript. Large companies use jQuery, but startups do as well. It is a foundational skill that translates widely across a variety of development jobs.

edX offers a variety of courses and certifications designed to provide the foundational skills learners need to implement web development with jQuery. In partnership with institutions in the field, you can learn jQuery along with related skills. 

If you are planning to work in web development, understanding jQuery can be helpful. Those interested in entering the field of web development can take an introductory jQuery course to learn the basics. An introductory course may cover how to: 

  • Make server-side calls with JavaScript.

  • Enhance a website’s user interface.

  • Integrate HTML into jQuery.

Learners may also be introduced to jQuery functions such as mouseover actions, animation methods, and chaining.Footnote 2

Those looking to advance their careers may want to seek out a course that fully prepares them to attain professional JavaScript programming certification. In a course like this, individuals develop confidence in basic JavaScript and jQuery elements like DOM manipulation, event handling, and the callbacks function. They can also learn how to integrate with other elements like JSON.

Discover jQuery jobs

Web developers use a wide variety of skills. The ability to write jQuery UI is one that could help applicants stand out. Whether you're building independent projects on a GitHub account or actively searching for jQuery development jobs, an understanding of the jQuery framework can help elevate your resume during a job search. A bachelor’s or a master’s degree may also be required for some of these careers. For fundamental concepts, you may want to explore an online boot camp.

Some of the skills commonly sought for jQuery and web developer positions include:Footnote 3

  • JavaScript development experience

  • Detailed knowledge of jQuery and other JavaScript libraries

  • Understanding of browser rendering behavior

  • Experience with front-end web development tools

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS and other online tutorials offer a lot of information, but for more formal training, edX's collection of courses and certifications can connect learners with industry leaders. Whether starting small or aiming high, jQuery offers a simplification of JavaScript code that can get developments up and running. Enroll in a jQuery online course to begin an educational journey. 

How to become a jQuery developer

The educational requirements for jQuery development jobs vary. For some careers, you may find it helpful to have a bachelor's degree in computer science. More advanced jobs may seek a master's degree in computer science or a related field. Alternatively, a coding boot camp can teach you many of the same fundamental skills you learn in a degree program. From there, you may want to move onto a course specifically dedicated to jQuery, and perhaps earn a jQuery certification.Footnote 4

A jQuery online course can also help you begin to develop a portfolio of jQuery projects that can be used in a job search. A portfolio will show potential employers or clients that you understand the user experience and can develop sophisticated, user-friendly web features that are easy to maintain.

Remember that each jQuery development job is different and will have its own set of requirements.

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