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Combining elements of philosophy with the scientific method, logic can be used to decipher complex problems and lead to new discoveries. Explore how online logic courses with edX can improve your decision-making skills.

What is logic?

Logic is the scientific study of reasoning. Logic is used in math and science to test hypotheses, solve problems, prove theorems, and draw conclusions from observations.

Two key forms of logical reasoning are deductive and inductive. Deductive reasoning starts with a general premise that, if true, will result in logical conclusions that are also true. On the other hand, inductive reasoning draws general statements from a more specific premise. Even if the premise is true, conclusions drawn from it can be false.

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Logic course curriculum

Logical thinking can be applied to nearly every field, career, and decision that people make. However, there are certain industries where understanding logic can be especially important. 

For example, in the world of programming, logic is frequently used in the development of computer software. Understanding the basics of logic and the construction of arguments is key to writing successful code. There are a number of online courses and professional certificate programs in logic and computational thinking. These courses introduce learners to logic, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning. Learners will also develop skills that allow them to break down complex problems into a series of simpler tasks, recognize patterns, employ algorithms to solve problems, and build deductive and inductive arguments. Courses vary in length but are often self-paced, which means individuals can complete coursework on their own time and still attend to personal obligations. 

Jobs in logic

Many logic courses are also designed to develop learners’ critical thinking skills. Logic courses that focus on critical thinking can be useful in fields such as business management, data science, statistics, and finance. Professionals with a background in logic may also decide to pursue research jobs. 

Challenge your mind, and build a strong foundation for future learning and development by enrolling in an online logic course from edX today.

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