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Lean Product Management Courses

Take free online courses in building lean product management from top schools. Choose from many lean product management courses and enroll now.

learn lean product management

learn lean product management

What Is Lean?

Lean management is a way to reduce the amount of waste associated with the creation, design, and implementation of products and strategies. It's based on the concept of lean thinking, or less is more: fewer resources used, less time, less cost. In the growing tech sector, lean product development has allowed disruptive startups to put out new products and services in less time with far less overhead.

Why Learn Lean Methodologies?

Lean was introduced to help startups with the rapid pace of development so familiar with modern production. Eric Ries, the author of Lean Startup, was one of the first advisors to build this type of product strategy, directing startups to focus on value-creating processes and eliminate wasteful ones.

Learning Lean gives you an advantage over traditional product managers because the product roadmap for organizations, and particularly startups, is shorter and less complicated. Lean product management requires focused user-testing to create minimum viable products before launch. The focus on customer value to create the best product is a shift away from traditional product management that saw endless bureaucracy and slow-moving processes as the norm.

Lean Courses and Certificates

EdX offers courses in Lean as well as a wide range of courses in different management styles that include the Lean method. You'll learn Lean Production (including Kaizen and 5S) with Technische Universität München, covering both the history of Lean and how to apply lean methodologies to your product management.

Other courses build Lean into a full stack of management tools along with other methods such as Agile. You'll learn to develop a problem roadmap, run experiments, and pivot quickly to handle any customer problems. You can even complete a full professional certificate in Lean Principles and Six Sigma. Additionally, boot camps in product management provide additional opportunities to learn. Those looking to take their skills to the next level can explore an online product management master’s degree.

Explore a Career with Lean

The Lean mindset is getting startups off the ground with fewer resources and lead time. This approach is behind the explosive growth of some of the biggest startups of the past few years. However, quite a few startups have used the Lean approach to rush out a subpar product that solves no problems, causing more than a few issues for the company itself. To remain competitive in Silicon Valley's most significant method, you need training.

Lean certified product managers and CEOs have an excellent chance of building the Lean startup better and faster than both the behemoth company and the not-ready-for-market startups. Knowing how to take the next step in a Lean model is what will distinguish your organization, and your career, from a sea of Lean wannabes.