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Top Business Careers and Skills in 2022 + 14 Programs to Match

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With roughly 4 million Americans quitting their jobs every month and 50% of workers wanting to switch careers , more workers are looking to upskill in or find jobs that are more flexible and lucrative. And due to the after effects of the pandemic, many of today’s best jobs are in supply chain, finance, business management, and analytics. 

If you’re interested in any of these fields, keep reading to explore top edX programs and courses that can help you advance in or transition into any one of these highly in-demand careers.

Make Strategic Supply Chain Decisions

Thinking about transitioning into a career in supply chain? Now is the time. One of the biggest impacts in 2021 was the disruption of global supply chains. According to a report from the White House, businesses across many sectors  such as manufacturing and construction greatly suffered from supplier delays.

As a result, supply chain programs and MBAs have quickly become one of the hottest business programs , and the demand for supply chain professionals will likely continue throughout 2022 and beyond.

Program Highlights:

Solve Business Problems With Analytics

As more companies look for ways to lower costs and drive efficiency, the need for business and management analysts is expected to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that demand for business and management analysts will increase by 11% from 2019 to 2029 .

Additionally, the expectation for analytics skills will continue to expand in other key business functions such as marketing.

"Professionals in the digital marketing space must be comfortable with data, period,” said Wendy Moe, PhD, Associate Dean of Master's Programs and Co-Director of the Smith Analytics Consortium at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. “They must know how to manipulate data, understand how it is collected, and analyze and interpret it.”



When it comes to high-growth marketing career opportunities, digital marketing is at the forefront. Discover top digital marketing specialties, get expert advice on how to navigate your digital marketing career, and learn the steps you can take to land your first digital marketing job.

Program Highlights:

Develop Core Business and Management Skills

Whether you’re a mid-level manager or business executive, working professionals need to have a broad range of leadership and management skills to effectively communicate and implement business strategy and vision.

Communicate Like a Leader: 

Program Highlights:

Gain In-Demand Finance and Accounting Skills

Job prospects for those with a background in finance and accounting have been steadily rising. According to the BLS, one of today’s highest-paying jobs is financial managers , who earn a median of $129,890 annually. Fast-track your finance and accounting career with courses and programs like the ones below.

Program Highlights:

  • Apply financial decision making, identify the basic structure of financial reports, and understand the basics of corporate finance, capital budgeting, and more in the MITx MicroMasters® program in Finance.

Last updated: December 2021